Low-cost prescriptions are available to all Family Health patients.

What makes us unique compared to other pharmacies?

Family Health Pharmacy has been serving patients since May of 2002. Although Family Health patients are free to have their prescriptions sent to the pharmacy of their choosing, it is easy to transfer your prescriptions to our pharmacy. Family Health pharmacists and clinicians work as a team to fully manage your health conditions. We place emphasis on providing counseling and education about your medications and health conditions.

Family Health Pharmacy is a participant in the 340B drug-pricing program. 340B requires pharmaceutical companies to provide drugs at a discounted price to not-for-profit healthcare providers that, in turn, use their 340B savings to serve their communities. By law and by mission, Family Health Services uses all the savings resulting from its participation in 340B to expand our patients' ability to access medications and other services regardless of their ability to pay. Every penny of savings resulting from our participation of 340B is used for purposes that expand access to care for our patient population without using any taxpayer dollars. We are a “closed” pharmacy in the program, which means in order to fill your prescriptions with us, you must be a patient of Family Health and have seen any provider within the last two years.

The following services are supported by the savings we receive from 340B. Continuation of the 340B program is vital to the health and wellness of the community